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After many years dedicated to the sale of a large set of food supplements of 100% natural origin, we decided to create AtremoPlus® to target age-related problems and especially motor problems such as stiffness, tremors, and slow movements and difficulties to initiate movements, but also to promote good mood and optimize cognitive agility.

For ethical reasons, we remained faithful to the choices of offering food supplements of 100% natural origin.

Beyond its content naturally rich in L-dopa, AtremoPlus® contains a multitude of trace elements (vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, polyphenols, amino acids, carotenoids…), all known to bring significant benefits to our organism and developed exclusively with active ingredients from the plant world without any synthetic molecule. The Vitamin E contained in AtremoPlus® promotes the protection of cells against oxidative stress which is considered by many experts as one of the main factors of the aging (sometimes premature) of the body and the brain.

To ensure the exemplary quality of our product, our research partners have conducted numerous preclinical trials and one clinical trial over a 10-year period, and the outstanding results confirm this scientific commitment and are commensurate with the target to create a product that significantly improves life quality of those using it.
The clinical study did not reveal any adverse effects on 100% of the participants.

Because many of you are more and more likely to make the choice to turn to a source of L-Dopa od 100% natural origin, we offer on our AtremoPlus® website L-Dopa extracted from structural elements of the Vicia Faba plant. Thanks to an innovative biotechnological process, the active ingredients are preserved which favors the appearance of exceptional results. Many of you are showing better mobility, more fluid movement, better morale and more. (Learn More)

In the near future, we will be able to extend the range by offering liposome products such as Glutathione, DHA, Turmeric/ Resveratrol, CoQ10, vitamin D3/K2, all recognized by the scientific community and reputed to fight the effects of age and for the preservation of the body against the multiple aggressions it is exposed to. Numerous studies on these ingredients have demonstrated major benefits in many key areas to preserve and recover good functioning of our organism. The fact of introducing the active ingredient into a lipid (Liposomes) greatly favors the assimilation of the active principle where the body actually needs it, means inside the cell. The action of AtremoPlus® will only be reinforced.

Finally, to thank our beautiful and quick growing customer community, we offer you the opportunity to become AtremoPlus® Ambassador and thus benefit from many very substantial reductions allowing to make the product affordable to more and more persons. (Ambassador program learn more)

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