AtremoPlus® detailed information

What is AtremoPlus®?

AtremoPlus® is a food supplement

  • Naturally concentrated in L-Dopa from 100% natural origin and Vit. E, helping to protect the cells from oxidative damage.
  • Rich in minerals, vitamins and other compounds such as polyphenols, flavonoids, and others at trace levels, naturally contained in the plant extract.
  • 100% natural plant extracts.
  • No side effects have been noticed so far.
  • Obtained from structural parts of the plant of the species Vicia faba L. The active principals are preserved by a patented non denaturing biotechnological processes. AtremoPlus® incorporates also the benefits of vitamin E provided on recommended daily amounts. It contains no gluten, no lactose or food additives.



5g AtremoPlus® containing :

  • 4.967 g of lyophilized structural parts of Vicia Faba
  • 0.033 g Acetate-alpha Tocopheryl D, equivalent to 12 mg of vitamin E (CDR).



1 Bottle of 75 g of AtremoPlus® (powder), comes with 1 measuring spoon (equal 2,5g of powder)
Recommended daily dose: 5-20 g/day.



  • Not suitable for people with allergies to any of its components.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • The extract may slightly change color due to its composition 100% natural.
  • It should not be used as a substitute for diet balanced food.
  • Persons who suffer favism deficit glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase or consume psychoactive drugs chronically should consult their doctor before taking AtremoPlus®.


Nutritional information (per serving)

Proteins 0.5 g
Carbohydrates 3 g
Lipids 0.1 g
Vitamin E (tocopherol) 12 mg
Energetic value kcal (59 kJ)



Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.




The minimum recommended daily dose is 5g (which corresponds to 2 full measuring spoons). Depending on the needs of your body, you can increase the dose up to 20g daily. (Every body is different)

(As a reference, most of our customers take 10g daily).


Mode of administration

This dietary supplement is taken orally.

For maximum effectiveness, mix AtremoPlus® with a regular or plant-based yogurt, pudding, fruit puree, rice products or any other similar texture of your choice.

Caution: to prevent the loss of the supplement effectiveness DO NOT take or dissolve it in water or in fruit juice or any other liquid drink. Do not heat the product (as the active principals would lose their strengths).


Frequency of administration

AtremoPlus® is designed for a longterm use. Most of our clients take it continuously.

Take AtremoPlus® preferably 1/2 hour before meals or at the beginning of the meals.

We recommend to start with 5g (2 scoops) in the morning, around 10-11a.m. and after some days increase to 10g/day.
5g (2 scoops) around 10-11a.m. and another 5g (2 scoops) in the afternoon around 4-5p.m. You can vary the hours of intake according to your agenda.

If you take only 5g, we recommend to take it before 12 a.m.

For a higher dosage of 15-20g/day, please observe the equivalences. You can then divide the intake to 3 times per day.

This natural food supplement can be used for as long as the positive effects are noticeable. No undesirable side effects have been noticed during the clinical study.

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