Frequently asked questions about AtremoPlus® – The Use

About the USE

What is the recommended dosage per day?

The recommended minimum dosage per day is 5g.
This can vary according to the needs of your body and your situation.
Daily recommended dosage is 5-20g.

Most of our clients take 10g of AtremoPlus® per day.

I would like to try AtremoPlus® but, will only one bottle be enough for me to test?

Each person is different so the answer may vary.
Some people will feel the effects in the first hours or first days, for others it may take a little longer.
Hence our offer of decreasing prices from the purchase of 2 bottles:
  • 65,00 € per bottle for 2 bought;
  • 62,00 € per bottle for 3 bought;
  • 55,00 € per bottle for 4 bought.

How to use AtremoPlus®?

AtremoPlus® is a powder. Each bottle contains 75g of the powder. A scoop (one scoop is equivalent to 2.5g) of AtremoPlus® is delivered with the shipment.

  • For greater efficiency, mix AtremoPlus® with regular or veggie yogurt, fruit puree, rice products, oils)  or other nutrients with a similar texture.
  • Take AtremoPlus® preferably in the morning and/or afternoon 1/2 hours before meals.
  • If you take 10g and more AtremoPlus® per day, you can either take 10g in the morning (means 4 greatly filled scoops), or 5g around 10-11am (2 greatly filled scoops) and 5g around 4-5pm (another 2 greatly filled scoops).
  • In case of higher dosage, respect equivalences morning and afternoon. It is possible in this case also to take for example 3 shots of 5g (morning / noon / end of the day).
  • Caution, DO NOT take AtremoPlus® with any liquids (water, fruit juice, milk, soft drinks or any other beverage) as it would lose a part of its efficiency. Do not heat the product
  • Please adapt the dosage and times of intake to your personal needs and agenda. 

    In case of higher dosage, respect equivalences morning and afternoon. It is possible in this case to take for example 3 shots of 5g (morning / noon / end of the day)



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